etonic Releases New Fall Apparel Line


All of the styles are available in multiple colors, and additional styles will continue to be released on etonic’s website throughout the fall and winter seasons. The Fall 2017 etonic Lifestyle Apparel collection will also be sold at the brick-and-mortar location of Paragon Sports, in New York City at 867 Broadway at 18th Street in early October.
In business for over 140 years, etonic created the new apparel line to continue the brand’s tradition of quality, achievement and design intelligence. “Our company is dedicated to offering products that combine function and style,” said etonic Brand Development Specialist, Andrew Sutton. “We are thrilled to offer the new etonic Lifestyle Collection and continue to share the unique design features of our brand, this time through apparel, all while celebrating American heritage.”


Available now, customers can view the stylish 2017 Fall collection at Etonic also plans to release a Winter Apparel Collection, followed by a larger collection in the Spring of 2018, complete with a new footwear line that will perfectly marry etonic’s performance technology and heritage as American’s most authentic athletic lifestyle brand. For more information on the latest brand and product updates, follow @etonic on Instagram or friend them on Facebook.

About etonic

Since 1876, etonic has been committed to creating products that are of the highest quality for consumers. With over 140 years experience, etonic has created and designed a wide variety of footwear styles, including: military boots, golf shoes, legendary basketball shoes, leading soccer and tennis shoes, running shoes, and lifestyle shoes. With a relaunch in 2017, Etonic;s mission is to inspire Americans to pursue their goals and dreams to be the #firstonethere. They celebrate this through their new line of apparel of footwear that is at the intersection of where design meets innovation
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