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Playing Complex Con In November! 

EP Art by Jake Osmun 

 “Injury Reserve Are Latest Weirdo Internet Rappers — But They're Actually Good” – Complex

Pigeons & Planes"Injury Reserve is One of the Best New Groups in Hip-Hop” — 

Phoenix, AZ trio, INJURY RESERVE, have released new single, “North Pole,” off their upcoming EP Drive It Like It’s Stolen out September, 29th. A soft but intentional single, “North Pole,” shows of the group’s talent for melodies and transitional rap elements. Consisting of rappers Ritchie With A T, Stepa J. Groggs and producer Parker Corey, Injury Reserve, have had fans eagerly anticipating the new project. Drive It Like It’s Stolen follows the band’s critically acclaimed sophomore EP, FLOSS (2016) and debut project Live From The Dentist Office (2015). The single comes in the form of a brand new music video – which was produced and directed by the band — first premiering on Pigeons & Planes earlier today. Watch it here now: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/music/2017/09/injury-reserve-north-pole-video

The group’s music videos are equally championed alongside their brand of “blue collar rap”; known for producing high quality visuals to complement their hard hitting bangers and at times softer, shimmering singles. Speaking to Pigeons & Planes, the band discuss that “North Pole” is an ode to the group’s new home base in Los Angeles, CA.
“[It’s] the name we gave to our new house after moving to Los Angeles. It came from the location being so far north and on a weirdly Christmas themed street. But as we were working on this song, it seemed to take on an interesting juxtaposition between the “good tidings” that come to mind when you think of “the north pole” and the cold isolation of it as real, physical location in the middle of the Arctic…” says Parker.

Fans will be able to catch the band play live this Fall on the recently announced Complex Con line up happening Los Angeles, CA in November. The band, who grew from a space of playing underground DIY shows in college dorm rooms, have been perfecting their unapologetically brash and energetic live performance set up. The festival booking follows the band’s recent tour with Ho99o9 earlier this summer.

Comprised of rappers Stepa J. Groggs, Ritchie With a T and producer Parker Corey, the most unlikeliest of musketeers formed to create a hard hitting blend of music that’s pushing the kaleidoscope of rap. The guys have had a crazy ride since the release of their debut EP, Live From The Dentist Office (2015) recorded in an actual dentist office and FLOSS (2016) which has seen them go one tour with HO99O9 across the country, relocating to sunny California and continuing to get praise for their experimental yet relatable sounds. The trio have been featured by the like of Pigeons & Planes, Complex, Billboard, Mass Appeal, Noisey, and with good reason. In 2015, they released their first full project, Live From The Dentist Office, to critical acclaim.  In late 2016, they followed up with their second project, Floss, also to critical acclaim - with features from Vic Mensa & Cakes Da Killa. Injury Reserve have created a fan base out of their meticulously curated visuals that accompany their ridiculously catchy music — video like “Oh Shit,” “All This Money” and “Yo” have put them on the map and have created a cult like following. The fact that the videos (as is the music) is completely directed and produced by Parker, Steppa and Ritchie only further proves that the group are a force to be reckoned with. Rounding out Injury Reserve’s profile is their unparalleled live presence and energy. Just try to keep up with Injury Reserve.

 "With each project, the band continues to artfully toe the line between experimental and relatable…” — Billboard

"Arizona's Injury Reserve threatens the rap establishment with one of the most exciting tapes [FLOSS, 2016] in the underground right now.” — Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop

"Injury Reserve is a kaleidoscope of the hip-hop experience…” — DJ Booth

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