Medical Marijuana & Pesticides: A Lethal Combination

Medical Marijuana & Pesticides:
A Lethal Combination
Organic Farming Expert Shares Importance of Growing All Natural 
A large number of marijuana users are smoking for medical purposes. Their bodies are especially sensitive, so ingesting chemicals (like pesticides) can have a tremendous impact on their health.
Although new laws are being set in some states -Oregon passed a law this month requiring all cannabis product batches be tested for pesticides - the waters remain murky. Because this industry is so new, it is still highly unregulated. 

Organic farming expert, Doug Mairs is stressing the importance growing crops the all natural way. 
"Chemical synthetic fertilizers and food will not only yield cannabis batches that will not pass the new regulations, these products can also damage the plants and hurt people...which completely defeats the purpose of using them in the first place." says Mairs.
According to a recent study published in San Francisco Magazine, 80% of medical marijuana tested positive for pesticides and toxins which is staggering considering the number of people around the country who have been affected by smoking contaminated cannabis. One story involves a man who ended up in the emergency room with serious neurological symptoms after smoking prescribed medical marijuana for his back pain.

 Mairs is on a mission to inform growers as well as the general public about the importance of growing all natural.  He is shedding light on the new regulations so that they will not negatively impact the cannabis industry.

 "Many growers don't realize the harmful impact pesticides could have on the end user," says Mairs. "We need to ensure public safety from farm to table and that starts with the growers." 

Doug Mairs is an organic farming expert and the Operations Supervisor and Sales Manager for Circle M Farms Worm Castings. Doug has lived in the Ontario, Oregon area for the past 20 years and is the heart and soul of the family farm. Dedicating his life to its success and growth, he is focused exclusively on the worm operation. His daily tasks include tracking production supplies, product quality, vendor satisfaction, deliveries, personnel, and contract/wholesale sales. He enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with family.

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