SunN.Y. "Ghetto Gossip" // ft .@CurtLaisi produced by .@TheKidNigel // .@SunIZout


 New record from Hip Hop Artist SunN.Y. turn Health and Wellness guru. With having his own fitness apparel line @SuckaFreeAthletics as well nutrition with his popular "Grub Page" @FatKidInAFitBody releases "Ghetto Gossip". A Hip Hop Tale told by Rochester, NY artist Curt Laisi and himself produced by Chicago's own @TheKidNigel. The vivid song is def in the lane with some of Hip Hop's best lyrical story tellers. The piano lays a great backdrop for your ears to focus on the detailed storyline provided by both emcees. Im looking forward to "SunN.Y.'s Revenge" EP, after digesting "Book of Daniel" written by Sun Born. The upcoming release by SunN.Y. featuring scores produced by Don Cannon, DJ Art, and Executive produced by STRYKERspeaks

 The EP "SunN.Y.'s Revenge" coming soon

SunN.Y. "Ghetto Gossip" // ft .@CurtLaisi produced by .@TheKidNigel // .@SunIZout SunN.Y. "Ghetto Gossip" // ft .@CurtLaisi produced by .@TheKidNigel // .@SunIZout Reviewed by FADED4U on September 04, 2017 Rating: 5

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