.@SunIzOut ft .@CurtLaisi - Ghetto Gossip


New Single by SunN.Y. aka @SunIzOut ft @CurtLaisi both hailing from Rochester,N.Y. This is as nostalgic as HipHop from NY can get! When we think of Emcees, storytelling is a piece of the game thats not glorified much today! These two tell a tall tale of the streets of Upstate New York. The sound of New York never died, it just needed a breath of fresh air.. from UPSTATE!!!!
.@SunIzOut ft .@CurtLaisi - Ghetto Gossip .@SunIzOut ft .@CurtLaisi - Ghetto Gossip Reviewed by FADED4U on October 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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