The Farmers Market for Your Skin!
Entrepreneur Creates Natural Skin Care Line that Solves Skin Problems Doctors and Medicine Couldn’t  

Formaldehyde, triclosan, toluene and phthalates. Would you put these things on your face? Many women are on a daily basis because these toxic chemicals form the backbone of many of skincare products.

Struggling with a host of skin and thyroid problems, including pervasive rosacea and acne, Lisa Brill, creator of Qēt Botanicals, (pronounced “keet”) finally said enough is enough and in 2011 threw out every product in her medicine cabinet and went on a quest reading, studying, trying, testing and formulating in order to create skincare that actually took care of her skin.
Her research and work led to the creation of cleansers, moisturizers, serums and more using food quality, plant-based non-synthetic ingredients. The change in her skin was remarkable.
Lisa’s skin became clear, radiant, youthful and dewy and most importantly, her confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed. She knew she wanted to share those feelings with others suffering from skin and hormonal issues and in 2013 launched Qēt Botanicals. In 2015 the company opened its first retail store just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Last month she opened her second location in Orange County, California.

“As a board certified Integrative Dermatologist, I see many patients who are looking for simple, clean, environmentally friendly, natural skin care products. Over the years, I have looked at many different product lines and truly feel that Qet Botanicals offers the cleanest, most gentle skin care products I have ever seen.” –Dr. Apple Bodemer, Board Certified Integrative Dermatologist

Today Qēt Botanicals has over 50 plant-based products to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and treat skin, as well as a line for hair and body. All of the products are handcrafted in the U.S.A. in small batches with 100% natural, GMO-free, synthetic –free, harm-free, gluten-free ingredients. All Qēt Botanicals are EWG VERIFIED, the gold standard in health and wellness products.

“I love a good face serum, particularly the Balancing Serums by Qēt Botanicals. These serums are super-hydrating, filled with vitamins, and protect your complexion from the elements. “-Alicia Silverstone ~ Actress, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Green Beauty Advocate
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