.@elitesingles Being Bilingual Makes You Extra Attractive

Being Bilingual Makes You Extra Attractive 

91% of Canadians say language skills are more attractive than a 6-pack

A new global study from language app Babbel and dating site EliteSingles has surveyed over 6,000 people to reveal how looks weigh up against languages in modern dating - and to reveal the most attractive language of them all!

  • 91% would prefer a partner with language skills over one with a 6-pack
  • 82% find the ability to speak another language attractive
  • 65% would learn a language to improve their love lives
  • The most alluring language to speak is French, followed by Spanish and Italian
  • The most attractive accents are French, Spanish, Irish, Italian, and Australian 
Those singles thinking of making fitness their top goal for 2018 might want to think again: A new joint global survey by premium dating site EliteSingles, and Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language learning app, reveals that for Canadians, fitness and looks aren’t as important as language and personality. Nearly all (91%) the respondents said they would prefer to date a partner with foreign language and conversational skills over one with a 6-pack.
The survey of 6,000 Babbel and EliteSingles users in 11 countries showed that 75% of people say learning a new language might make you more attractive in general. In Canada, this is even more pronounced: a huge 82% of the Canadian Anglophones surveyed say they find the ability to speak another language attractive.

Why? 35% find other cultures interesting, while 20% like the sound of another language and a further 20% believe that language skills demonstrate intelligence in a partner. This is great news for the 3-in-5 (58%) of Canadians who say they speak more than one language!
The benefits of being multilingual are so clear that four in five (80%) would use their language skills to impress a date and two thirds (65%) would learn a language to improve their love lives. Women are ahead of the curve when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, with over half (52%) having pledged to learn a new language in 2018, compared to just one in five (21%) men.
So what language should Canadians be learning? When asked to rank the most attractive languages, French (54%) was the clear winner, followed by Spanish (38%), and Italian (24%).
Accents were popular too: the most attractive accent to Canadian ears is French (39%), followed by Spanish (33%), Irish (29%), Italian (28%), and Australian (27%).
“Being able to communicate is fundamental to human interaction,” explains Joseph Troutt, Babbel Country Manager for Canada. “That’s why we created our courses to get people speaking from the very start. It’s no surprise that in 2018, in the global society that we all live in, being able to speak other languages is such an important quality in a partner. Babbel is here to help people improve themselves - and if that means their love lives too, then that’s great.”
Sophie Watson, spokesperson for EliteSingles, agreed, saying that “connection and great communication are vital parts of a first date - especially if you want to land a second one.’’ She adds ‘’this survey goes to prove what we and our members have long known - the body’s most attractive muscle is the mind!”

10 ways to say I love you in different languages:
French: Je t’aime
Italian: Ti amo
Spanish: Te quiero
Portuguese: Eu te amo
German: Ich liebe dich
Swedish: Jag älskar dig
Tagalog: Mahal kita
Russian: я люблю тебя (Ya lyublyu tebya)
Korean: 사랑해 (Salanghae)
Mandarin Chinese: 爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ) 

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