NO1-NOAH has been dominating the month of January, as he prepares to drop of his debut EP, Feeling In Color. The 20 year old singer, released three (3) surprise tracks to unsuspecting fans over the past week, but it doesn't stop there. NO1-NOAH has (finally) stepped out from behind the mask, revealing his face via Instagram to announce his new single , "FaceTime For 30". Produced by Dorante, "FaceTime for 30" takes you on a journey of loving someone that's not putting in the right amount effort, while battling the emotions of lust, anger and trust. NOAH's complex but direct outlook can be seen in his writing style and is what seperates NOAH from his peers. 

About NO1-NOAH
What sets NO1-NOAH apart from other artists is his variety of perspective. Not only is he brave enough to expose his vulnerability from the windows of a hip-hop house still governed by hyper masculinity, he addresses heartbreak with forgiveness and accountability as both the broken and the breaker. On the violet lullaby “No Regrets” he offers rare empathy: “She’ll chew you up/Fk you up and tell you that she’s through/And she does this all because of the sh*t that she’s been through.” Grays of sadness ooze from “Alone Part 2” to crown love ache the victor, while the neon indigo of “Stuck On Stupid” strips its author naked: “You got me open wounded/You got to me the soonest/Your charm is undisputed/You got me hating cupid.” Having joined other clairvoyant scribes like Pharell, Adele, and John Legend on the esteemed roster of Columbia Records in June of 2017, NO1-NOAH is now ready to re-release Feeling In Color on all major platforms and help the world get further in tune with itself…one track, one color at a time.


Prod by Dorante

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