NO1 NOAH says, please don't kick him down or count him out, with his latest visual for his single, "Kick Me Down". The artist grind is not an easy one to say the least and recording artist, NO1 is going through the motions when it comes to his life and his career.
"Kick Me Down" is a song that I made while I was going through a crucial moment of self doubt, but also, doubt from people around me. I wanted to motivate people who are going through something similar and inspire them, to be the best they can be. The video shows that when you want something you gotta go and get it, take action and get what you want, and accomplish what you wish." - NO1 NOAH

In the video, shot by Director Gambino, NO1 and his army of identical Nobodies, are running through the city, taking back what (they believe) belongs to them. They are owning the night, owning their financial freedom and owning their fears. Watch "Kick Me Down" here.
I'm so used to just making bad decisions
So used to always screamin, cause no one ever listens
So used to feelin, distant
And loving from a distance
And feeling non-existent
But nah, now I'm not with it
They tryna kick me down
When I'm down, I ain't quittin 

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