Smart Home Even Smarter with Hive View

Make the Smart Home Even Smarter with Hive View

Hive customer research showed a clear desire for an indoor camera that fitted naturally into a home environment and provided useful functionality to give added peace of mind. Continuing the collaboration with renowned designer and fuseproject founder Yves BĂ©har, a standout feature of Hive View is "Grab and Go" - where the lightweight camera disconnects from its ultra thin stand and can be placed in different areas in the home. Hive View is equipped with must-have features like HD livestreaming, person detection and camera history that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, all intuitively controlled through the Hive app.

Tom Guy, Global Product Director, Centrica Connected Home, commented: 

"Customer feedback is central to our design process and is invaluable in ensuring every feature of a new product has a tangible benefit. Working with Yves and his team, we've built on this thinking with Hive View, a smart indoor camera that is strikingly designed and, most importantly, keeps people connected to their home, from wherever they are."

The Hive View design houses cutting-edge technology and processing power in a compact and elegant form.  Simple to set up, it works within minutes of unboxing. Hive View is easily manoeuvred to offer the best possible view with a choice of wall, shelf or magnetic mount. All three can rotate, flex and come with a wide 130° field of view.
Hive View only captures content once triggered. It will automatically start recording and send a notification informing it has detected motion or a sound. It can also be set to detect people only, so won't be triggered by family pets, ensuring users are only notified of what matters to them. Using the Hive app, people can watch a secure livestream in 1080p HD, even when it is dark. Captured content can be viewed for 24-hours as standard, with customers able to upgrade to receive Hive Video Playback – a new service giving a 30-day rolling video history, all easily and securely accessed from anywhere. Hive View also comes with a privacy mode, so it records only when needed via the Hive app or through set schedules, and is available in two color variants - Black and Brushed Copper and White and Champagne Gold.

This February, Centrica Connected Home will launch enhanced Hive Actions which enable easy linking of Hive devices via the app so they work together.

Payment and Pricing Information (US and Canada Only) 

Hive View is the latest device to join the Hive smart home portfolio of products. Introduced in USA and Canada last year, the Hive smart home ecosystem uniquely offers a mix of software, products and services, available on a singular app, for which consumers can pay monthly payments or all-at-once.
The new Hive Close to Home packbuilt around Hive View, comes with a family of Hive devices, including lights, sensors and plugs and Hive Video Playback, designed to work together with Hive View. Consumers can pay US$349.99(Can$439) or pay $14.58 per month (Can$ $18.29), and after 24 months will have paid off their devices, following which customers own the devices outright, and the monthly fee is reduced to Hive Video Playback service if they have opted into that (US$5.99 per month/ Can$6.99 per month).

Consumers can also purchase Hive View outright for $199.99 (Can$239) or "add on" Hive View to their current "pack" (if they are existing customers) by paying an additional $8.33 (Can$9.96) per month over the course of 24 months or paying the US$199.99 (Can$239) upfront. New Hive smart home users can select from a variety of smart home packs to fit their needs, starting from US$8.33 (Can$9.96) per month, and add on Hive View in the same manner.

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