Taro Launches World's Most Advanced AI Camera Stabilizer

Taro Launches World's Most Advanced AI Camera Stabilizer

 Taro, the manufacturer of hands-free tracking stabilizers for smartphones and DSLR cameras that combines infrared technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to follow moving targets, today launched three revolutionary products at CES 2018. The Taro T1 for smartphones, the Taro TX for DSLRs and the Taro M1 infrared tracking module, all of which are now available for pre-order pricing at nearly half the price of competing systems. 

The secret to Taro's tracking lies in the combination of a flickering sequential infrared tag and tracking module that contains an infrared camera, which works in tandem to rapidly identify which part of the frame is integral to a dynamic action sequence.
Imagine that you can now play with your kids or pets and a robot camera operator will automatically film all of the action for you. Likewise, you can take the Taro to a conference, a classroom or a news interview and have everything automatically recorded and edited easily. All these capabilities relate to auto-tracking technology, which has been touted for a long time, but Taro has now finally optimized the technology with AI and made it very affordable to everyone – the perfect storm for any technology.

"Taro can instantaneously establish the intended object's approximate location," said Hao Qian, founder of Taro. "Taro also has a powerful learning algorithm that immediately eliminates sub-optimal positioning, precisely pinpointing the object's exact location – which results in the perfect balance between efficiency and accuracy."
With its blazingly fast infrared tracking algorithm that performs 30 calculations per second, Qian says Taro makes it possible to track objects moving as fast as 50 miles per hour. The Taro Team got the inspiration for the device from a skateboarder when he was explaining the difficulty he was having while trying to capture footage of the fast-moving sport.
"When filming fast-moving sports activities like skateboarding, it's often necessary to capture an object when we ourselves are also moving at high speed, so it can be a real challenge to simultaneously pay attention to both our own movements and the screen and all too often that leads to an object being out of frame," Qian said. "With Taro's Dynamic Tracking, and our auto-tracking technology, Taro ensures that your target is always in frame – and does so without one having to focus on the screen, either."
Taro also offers a high-performance stabilizer that uses motors to neutralize camera-shake, and is equipped with three ultra-high torque, brushless motors which react much faster than the other stabilizing gimbals on the market today. This guarantees the user has a radically smoother shooting experience.
Features include:
  • Auto-tracking (Tracking at speeds up to 50 mph)
  • Dynamic tracking (Tracking even when the cameraman is also moving)
  • Maximum stability (Eliminate video jitter)
  • Stabilizer Compatible (Turning any existing Bluetooth stabilizer into an auto-tracking one)
  • Action Sequencing (Turning a normal video into action sequence photo or videos)
  • Auto-Cut (Auto-cutting automatically, thus detecting and eliminating unwanted motion to ensure captured footage is as good as it can be)
Taro is now available for pre-order at www.taro.ai for delivery in April 2018. The Taro T1 for smartphones is priced at $199, the Taro TX for DSLRs is priced at $599 and the Taro M1 infrared tracking module is priced at $99. Not only are the Taro products the most advanced auto-tracking stabilizers on the market, but also half the price of competing systems.

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