Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter .@DahliaMusicNow will take you "Back To The Days



DAHLIA’s infectiously fun video for “Back To The Days” — available now!

Singer/songwriter Dahlia Fernandes is one of the industry’s hardest working indie pop artists on the block right now, proven by the impressive series of accolades she stepped into the new year with. Her 2017 release of Shift — an EP that runs the gamut of emotions, from merriment to misery, fresh off her recent divorce — had DAHLIA brought onto Eggplant Collective for a music supervision and licensing deal, and ranking in the top five at the IMSTA FESTA Songwriting Competition. Winner of the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards’ “Best Singer Songwriter”, the song “Dreamlova” also nabbed second runner up for “Best Song.

Reminiscing with a smile is pretty much the only result to gain from watching indie-pop powerhouse DAHLIA’s newest video, “Back To The Days.”

Well, that, and becoming the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award winner for “Best Singer-Songwriter”’s newest fan.

A familiar indie industry face since 2006, DAHLIA — Dahlia Fernandes — has long been dubbed one of the most dexterous songwriters on the scene. Having created in collaboration with the likes of Rich Kidd (Drake, Busta Rhymes, K-os), Roy Hamilton III (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, N’Sync), and America’s Got Talent’s Stacey Kay — as well as placing a song in Degrassi’s Ana Golja’s film, ‘Full Out’ (seen on NBC, Family Channel, and Netflix) — her versatility in sound mixed with unique life experiences weave together a deeply authentic and extraordinary pop offering.

On Shift, DAHLIA leverages all things life that tend to dominate both the heart and mind — from falling in love to having it shatter apart — linking arms with her listeners and taking you on an emotional ride. In just a handful of songs, the self-taught pianist and exquisite lyricist manages to both break your heart and send it soaring all at once.

Breezy “Back to The Days” is one of those instant hits — a giddy, knock-kneed, piano-goosed cut of pure pop buoyed by a dynamic string arrangement and exuberant hand-claps, whereas, for instance, the song “Wash Away” — a song Fernandes says just “wrote itself” — conjures feelings of cathartic heartsickness personified.

“My ex-husband and I had just finalized our divorce,” she recalls on the process of writing “Wash Away.” “It was a very tumultuous relationship. I went into the studio with Roy Hamilton III and that song just poured out. Swoosh!”

Swoosh, indeed. Like a ride at an amusement park coming to an end, every song on Shift adds to one satisfying experience, and will have you lining up for another turn.

Awards — Won “Best Singer Songwriter” 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards
Awards — Won “Best Song: 2nd Runner Up” 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards
Accolades — IMSTA FESTA Songwriting Competition Top 5

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter .@DahliaMusicNow will take you "Back To The Days Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter .@DahliaMusicNow will take you "Back To The Days Reviewed by FADED4U on February 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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