Backpack for Modern Lifestyles

OnePack Launches on Kickstarter and Redefines the Backpack for Modern Lifestyles 

OnePack announced the Kickstarter launch of their clever new backpack design, an all-in-one carry all for school, business, and travel that adds versatility, functionality and smart solutions for mobile devices. It is available now with special rewards for early adopters on their campaign page

OnePack is the perfect solution when a briefcase isn't enough and a suitcase is too much. Its clever design features 19 separate interior compartments and enough storage for trips of up to 3 days. It can open up to 180 degrees for easy access to any item and includes specialized compartments that keep clothing, mobile devices, accessories, and essentials separated, organized and secured. 
It features a unique accessory panel that is specially designed for laptops, mobile devices, and accessories. The special compartments keep everything organized and easy to access. With modern digital lifestyles in mind, the team at OnePack integrated special USB and headphone ports into the backpack, allowing the storage and use of mobile battery packs to charge devices or for listening to music while on the go. The integrated plug system eliminates messy wires and the need to remove phones or devices for charging.  

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