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Billy Los Angeles designer Holly Jovenall debuts the brand’s highly anticipated second collection for FW18, titled ‘Til Day 1, a rewind that centers the brand firmly in Jovenall’s personal history. Jovenall’s fabrications illuminate the gorgeous distress that comes over workwear: Billy’s take on Americana holds an intimate narrative. Jovenall pulls this aesthetic forward with modern design that harkens to streetwear in Los Angeles and Japan. ‘Til Day 1 is an all-at-once initiation into the brand’s adolescence. 

Comfort is core to the brand’s DNA, and ‘Til Day 1 gives that comfort a sense of place and origin. Jovenall designs between the 60-acre horse ranch where she grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in her home in Los Angeles, California, and the pull of placehood and memory lives throughout the collection. Jovenall understands how fabrics wear in because she watched her father Billy’s canvas and cotton clothing weather over time, with day after day of construction and ranch work. Workwear isn’t a concept, it’s part of her story.

Picture the monotony of a small town life where the only rush comes from picking up speed. Dirt bikes, four wheelers and horses carry you into the unknown at breakneck speed, only to return you back to the everyday stillness. Between flying down a railroad bed and heavy boredom in a bedroom, clothes form strong memories, but in a way that’s unconscious and unannounced. They are simply part of life.

‘Til Day 1 introduces a number of new directions for outerwear and essentials, all of which build from Billy’s foundation: worn workwear canvas cut like an overcoat, jerseys layered over light thermals like Jovenall’s friends wore to watch the game, camo jackets that echo memories of real military wear passed down from father to son, and flannels cut with A-line roominess in the tradition of Japanese avant garde. There are undershirts that peek perfectly beneath sweatshirts, with collars aligned to layer like the rings of a far off planet, and tees washed to unprecedented softness, in vintage yellow-and-black, colors that mutely root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Curved-cut sleeves, carefully places pockets and slimmed up cargo pants make Billy the most thoughtful take on refined workwear, and it’s been there ‘Til Day 1


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