Unveils Revolutionary 3D Patented Fashion Technology Debuts Revolutionary 3D Patented Fashion Technology at NYFW, the highly anticipated, innovative platform, arrives to transform the way we shop for fashion online, filling a long-desired need for retailers and shoppers alike. The service showcased their 3D virtual fitting and styling technology to the North American market on February 9th at the NYFW
FW18-SS19 Superlinxx collection presentation at Spring Studios with Taiwanese brand, JUST IN XX. This
collaboration illustrates an exquisite service to the modern fashion consumer: a personalized runway
shopping trip, thanks to patented 3D technology. allows users to try on clothing
anywhere, anytime, plus the the ability to create new looks and share on social media.

"We are excited to enter the US market where retailers continue to grapple with the rapid transition
towards e-commerce and the increased demands from consumers. Our technology enables a
personalized shopping experience that consumers were long craving, whilst inspiring them to find the
styles and outfits they love,” notes Rufus Parkinson, CEO.

"Our partnership with has enabled us to harness state-of-the-art technology to digitally
capture designs and creations inspired by thousands of years of history, and make them accessible to
people anytime anywhere," proclaims JUST IN XX designer Justin Yu-Ying Chou.

Immediate benefits for brands are increased conversions, higher engagement and reduced returns.
Additionally, lifts the veil on consumer insights and provides valuable data for brands and delivers an opportunity for e-commerce retailers to likewise adjust and make design alterations based on feedback regarding fit and beyond. Ultimately, Style.Me’s revolutionary platform is not only a state-of-the-art emblem of future of fashion, but is a technology that bridges the gap between inspiration and
shopping by delivering a customized, swift and engaging experience.

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