Burntlime Canada's TOM* Premiere

Burntlime Canada's TOM* Premiere

In the fall of 2011, friends and business partners Albert Chow and Rembert Koon were brainstorming on their front porch about what the future held for them. As the first leaf of Autumn fell from a tree, it came to them: create an outerwear brand that balances uniqueness, practicality, and accessibility.

Although neither had a background in fashion, their creativity and passion drove them. They had a vision, and through significant efforts and perseverance, Burntlime was born. Why Burntlime? It is nickname a for a chemical compound widely used as a catalyst in creating steel and cement. The name represents the bond of style and the urban world.

Thanks to their retail background, Chow and Koon saw what was missing in today's luxury outerwear market. As co-owners of I.N. Surplus retail stores, they heard directly from their customers that what they wanted was modern, everyday outerwear with style, function, and affordability. 

Over the next seven years, Burntlime perfected an outerwear design brand that is highly coveted by an international jet set crowd.  In The Fall/Winter 2018 collection, Burntlime has improved on their successful 3-in-1 Uranium line, giving their customers everything they wanted, with its three-season transitional pieces.  Albert Chow says, "We were inspired by the market, as everyday life demands a product that is transitional. I was inspired when I was shopping with my family one day, and I needed a jacket that was light enough to wear in the mall, but warm enough for me to get to my car. So, every piece really needs to be practical and fashionable. I'm a family man, but that doesn't mean I have to give up my personal style as I get older."

Burtnlime's attention to detail doesn't stop there. Another feature is the anti-static fabric used, key in Canadian winter weather that can be hard on your hairstyle, and as Albert Chow states, "we never like having a bad hair day when wearing winter gear". The FW18 collection features a classic palette of Black, Navy, and Olive and a standout, limited time camouflage jacket with a luxury black fox fur trim. 

Burntlime products are water resistant, and their fur products are ethically sourced and vetted to ensure the highest standards are met. With the demand for fewer animal products by consumers, they are now looking at synthetic downs for FW19.  This is Burntlime Canada's first show at Toronto Men's Fashion Week, but it certainly won't be the last. Keep an eye out for this company, as they are certainly ones to watch. 

For more about Burntlime Canada please go here: www.Burntlime.ca

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