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Case-Mate Debuts Fast Charging Wireless Charging Device

Case-Mate, the trailblazers of trendy tech frill, declare another class with the dispatch of the Power Pad, a quick remote charger with a discretionary stand included. 

Case-Mate's new remote Power Pad draws in Qi-empowered gadgets at the most elevated charging speeds conceivable, including 7.5W of energy for the most recent Apple iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) and 9W of energy for the most recent Samsung gadgets. What's more, not at all like most remote chargers available, Case-Mate's Power Pad additionally incorporates a durable stand intended to be utilized on a table, work area, or ledge, showing your gadget in either picture or scene sees. Browse approaching writings or messages, pick up the telephone, take after a formula, use as a wake up timer, or stream the most recent arrangement, all while your telephone is charging!

Steve Marzio, CEO of Case-Mate adds, "For me, to simply put my phone down on the Power Pad at work without having to always fish for a charging cord is extremely convenient. The fact that it stands up in a convenient viewing mode, allows me to easily glance at my phone to see incoming texts and updates while multitasking. Put simply, it has quickly become my new working norm. My phone is now always charged and it happens fast."

Pricing and Availability
Case-Mate's new Power Pad is priced at $60 USD, and comes with a 2-Year Warranty. It is NOW available for purchase at select retailers, Amazon and www.case-mate.com 

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