‘vEIN’ - .@XianZone FW18 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at TOM* #XIANFW18

‘vEIN’ - XIAN FW18 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at TOM*

Montreal based label XIAN, from designer Xian Wang, is back with another Fall/Winter showcase for Toronto Men's Fashion Week (TOM*).  The now seasoned veteran of TOM is hitting his stride each collection, and if the FW18 line, VEIN, is anything like his previous collections, which have appeared in international editorials like British GQ and Italian Vogue, we are in for a treat.

The FW18 line, VEIN, takes an exciting turn, as Xian Wang has drawn inspiration from ‘90s glam rock, and sought out luxurious fabrics to stay true to the genre. The VEIN collection still has XIAN's trademark of Black, White, and Grey, but turns up the heat with vivid pops of red. XIAN's fascination with fabric and texture is highlighted in the VEIN collection with the use of luxurious furs and leather's.  Wang loves a good challenge and truly enjoys turning a regular lamb's skin, into something exotic like a python skin.

Fluent in Mandarin, and having grown up in the textile industry, Xian Wang says, "I am lucky to know the suppliers personally, and have been to the factories myself.  I am lucky that I have the language, so I make sure that the fur I source is from ethical sources, as that's important to my customers and to me. For example, there are two pieces in my collection which is from upcycled fur from the factories. I try and use every part of the animal's fur into my garments. We are trying to minimise as much waste as possible."

Designer Xian Wang also looked to his customer's needs and desires when creating VEIN. "The customer is a little older than what I thought, and now I'm growing up in my approach.  I'm looking at now a 30-year-old demographic, and it's more mature but still edgy. Lots of women have also told me that they love my clothes, and since my brand is unisex, I listen to my customers. One of the most common feedback was that they wanted fur, and I wanted to give my customers what they want." This maturity can be seen in some of the silhouettes and fabric choices in this collection. XIAN's classic fit motorcycle jacket, for example, is now tailored to fit cleanly on the body.

XIAN designs always bring a distinctive element, delivering a sense of individuality in his accessible fashion-forward pieces, ever deviating from the mainstream. Bold, edgy and audacious

For more information, please go to xian.zone

‘vEIN’ - .@XianZone FW18 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at TOM* #XIANFW18 ‘vEIN’ - .@XianZone FW18 COLLECTION Canadian Premiere at TOM* #XIANFW18 Reviewed by FADED4U on March 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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