Yoke Lore's new single, "Fake You" plays with perception | forthcoming EP, "Absolutes"

Yoke Lore's new single, "Fake You" plays with 

perception | forthcoming EP, "Absolutes"

Absolutes, the forthcoming EP of New York indie pop act Yoke Lore, explores the grey areas between black and white ideas while building upon the lush, sonic palette of his past works. The new music finds multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist Adrian Galvin polishing his heartfelt anthems and ruminating on finding balance amid respective oppositions by breaking through the notion that truth necessitates purity.

“These songs all gravitate around the struggle between two sides of something,” Galvin explains. The opening track, “Fake You,” is about the difficulty of realizing your perception of someone doesn’t necessarily match who they really are. “Cut And Run” follows, conveying the instinct to flee versus the instinct to find a home, and “Concrete” illustrates Galvin’s struggle between living in the city and being in the country. “So, they are all the conflicts of absolutes,” he states. “There must be a balance, some movement and some pull. A life of absolutes is no life at all.” As with his previous releases, Galvin drew the artwork for his upcoming EP using bifurcated lines and contrasting imagery to convey his messages of absolutes.

The former Walk the Moon and Yellerkin member’s solo musical endeavor combines echoing waves of banjo, vocals, and percussion to create unforgettable pop songs with tactile sincerity and conviction. Galvin first hit the ground running in 2016 with Yoke Lore’s debut EP, Far Shore, released on B3Sci Records. In 2017, the title track of his 2017 EP “Goodpain”  hit #1 on Hype Machine, and quickly after his songs caught fire on Spotify, racking up over 10 million plays throughout the year.

Goodpain also garnered attention from major tastemakers such as NYLON, Consequence of Sound, Billboard and more. Yoke Lore toured extensively through 2017 with acts like Aquilo and Overcoats, while also making his way to the UK for The Great Escape and festivals like Field Trip in Toronto and Billboard Hot 100 in New York.

find Yoke Lore: f a c e b o o k / s o u n d c l o u d

"an indie pop confection worthy of your next unrequited love mixtape"
- The Fader

"tapping into the bright neo-psychedelic of Animal Collective and the smart deconstructed pop of Dirty Projectors."
- Consequence of Sound

"skates figure eights around our hearts" - NYLON​

Yoke Lore's new single, "Fake You" plays with perception | forthcoming EP, "Absolutes" Yoke Lore's new single, "Fake You" plays with perception | forthcoming EP, "Absolutes" Reviewed by FADED4U on March 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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