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Montreal accessory designer EMY ARMOR showcasing at SFW Toronto 2017
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Startup Fashion Week #SFWMontreal

Startup Fashion Week (SFW) will bring fashion, business and tech innovation to Montreal June 20 to 22, and empower the fashion community through programming of educational events and showcase opportunities.

SFW will mark its fifth year cultivating Canada's fashion and tech startups by expanding from Toronto into Montreal, making it the first fashion week program to run in two of the nation's most prominent fashion capitals.

The three-day event is designed to stimulate the growth of Montreal’s local fashion, business and fashion-tech industry, which will include a Media Launch/Opening Party, Business of Fashion Conference and Runway Showcase.

The concept was created by Jodi Goodfellow, a fashion-tech startup innovator who saw an opportunity to connect early-stage entrepreneurs with industry stakeholders. Its focus is to drive and support emerging Canadian talent on a national scale.

SFW Toronto has brought awareness to 32 designers, 30 fashion-tech/wearable tech startups and more than 120 emerging fashion models.

“Montreal has a vibrant range of fashion businesses and fashion-tech startups, which makes it the perfect destination to grow and expand Startup Fashion Week” says Goodfellow. “This program will raise awareness for startups in Montreal and will also increase visibility of Canadian startups in the Montreal locale. Our objective is to strengthen the Canadian fashion landscape, and expanding SFW into Montreal is key to becoming a national platform for startup success.”

Local businesses Jacques Despars Maîtres Coiffeurs and Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques have partnered with SFW Montreal to be the official hair and makeup sponsors for the runway show.  

“We are thrilled to be a part of this event platform,” says Rachel Shultz, owner of Rachel Shultz Cosmétiques. “Bringing together local companies within the fashion industry is an incredible opportunity, one we are excited to be a part of. Aligning with Startup Fashion Week  allows my company to establish new connections with models, designers, media and other industry guests. It’s an honour to have this exclusive opportunity and I applaud Startup Fashion Week  for collaborating with local businesses.”

SFW Montreal provides guests with a glimpse of the city by hosting events in prestigious venues including Santos in Old Montreal, the ALT Hotel in Griffintown and Crowley Arts Centre in Westmount.  

Enthusiasm has sparked for more than 120 models who have registered to attend the inaugural model casting on May 19 at Le 402, a collaborative coworking studio for photographers.

Fashion entrepreneurs and industry guests can find event and ticket info at 

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