MONET Doing The Shiggy

MONET Doing The Shiggy

Shiggy's viral dance craze, #DoTheShiggy challenge to Drake's #InMyFeelings, is supported by the hottest phone accessory out right now, the MONET.  It allows you to Shiggy, take selfies and much more safely without damaging your phone or your pockets. Click Here to see what everyone is talking about and see Shiggy's moves. 

The MONET brand, founded by Ikey Srour and Sam Schneider in 2017, is the latest and hottest phone accessory out. The MONET has 2 pockets that can securely hold credit cards, IDs, cash and more. It also packs a slim grip that slides open when you're holding it. Holding your phone with your fingers in the MONET grip will reduce the chances of dropping it making using your phone for texting and selfies more comfortable and reducing your need to super stretch and strain your fingers when using large screens. The grip of the MONET offers a special kickstand making it perfect for reading, watching movies, video chat and more. MONET comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is available everywhere for online retailers.

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