Fly Supply Clothing is Here to Stay / .@FlySupplyCo

Fly Supply Clothing is Here to Stay

Fly Supply Clothing, the quality brand that inspires a way of life that encompasses confidence, creativity and freedom of expression, has flown to success in just two short years of operating. Drawing inspiration from its name "Fly," the men's clothing brand encourages people to express themselves without limits and to embrace new hip hop fashion trends with confidence.

Following its humble beginnings in a 10x10 bedroom in Miami, Florida in 2011, the clothing label is now available in over 400 US clothing stores and distributors. It is also available internationally through a fully-fledged online store, which was launched to help keep up with the demand, and which enables customers to order directly online, quickly and conveniently. The men's clothing brand has also received a lot of online attention through its active blog, and FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. Fly Supply Clothing recently moved into a 4000 sq ft. fully-renovated warehouse, which can hold more stock and fulfill orders faster. This past January FSC has expanded to an additional 4000 sq ft. warehouse with a fully renovated and innovative store-front dubbed "Airplane Mode." Feel free to view our recent promo video showcasing our latest releases.

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