“How could you not be a little blown away by this decades-enduring explosion of working-class charisma and woman-slaying swagger? Blood Red Roses is Stewart’s 30th studio album: 13 tracks inspired by Motown, folk and R’n’B, and how about some reggae? It is sad. It is funny. It is kind. It is deft, the work of someone who’s done this before – a lot – yet isn’t remotely bored by it. Stewart’s voice holds up, still exquisitely throaty, still as capable of poleaxing you with heartbreak as it is stirring you up with dark, driving lust.”THE TIMES (UK)

“Presented as a melting pot of acoustic folk, Motown / R & B pop, rock'n'roll and love songs, Blood Red Roses is an intimate album for Rod Stewart”

“Stewart’s classic rasp is slightly silkier and still effective… “Farewell” pays tribute to a friend through a poignant melody and reminisces about their shared London youth. “Honey Gold” features sweeping strings, an electric guitar echoing the one on “Tonight’s the Night”.” ASSOCIATED PRESS

Rod Stewart - Blood Red Roses

Blood Red Roses is offered as a 13-track standard and a 16-track deluxe album.  This new album, his first in three years, follows international bestsellers Another Country (2015) and Time (2013) and will be released nearly 50 years to the date of when he signed his very first solo recording contractCo-produced by Stewart’s long-term collaborator Kevin Savigar, Blood Red Roses moves easily from acoustic-driven folk through Motown-tinged pop/R&B to unadulterated rock’n’roll and heart-melting ballads.

Blood Red Roses was made in a most un-rock star-like fashion – “Most of these songs were recorded trans-Atlantic,” Stewart explains, opting mostly to record with his band while on tour. “It was all done in hotel rooms or backstage after concerts. We’d stay behind for a couple of hours and if we were in the mood we’d do some recording. It’s a great way to make a record. It meant that you’re not locked in one space for months on end. We never really went near a traditional recording studio which I think was great. I’ve spent too many years locked in dull studios, not wanting to be in there. I always think I make albums for a few friends, and this record has that intimacy.”

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