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Tiffany Young - Teach You


Pop phenomena, Tiffany Young, has announced the release of her highly anticipated single and music video for “Teach You.” This single effortlessly paints a vivid movie-like picture with its lyrics, and the video brings that cinematic vision to life. “It’s a theatrical piece where I was able to bring different versions of myself to all the sections of the song,” says Tiffany. The video skyrocketed to almost 500K within the first 10 hours of its release, with the single landing a #2 spot on the iTunes K-Pop Chart.

MTV noted; “..And it should come as no surprise that the K-Pop queen is serving glamour while warning future suitors with a sly smile, "If you mess with me you get hurt."”

Tiffany has been causing pandemonium across her large social media following and dedicated fanbase, with multiple teasers leading up to this release. With cameos from Hyoyeon and Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation, the video for “Teach You” is set to make an even louder splash worldwide. “I’m excited for the fans to see it,” Tiffany joyfully states.

“From the moment the first otherworldly trill bounces in, we are instantly pulled by the collar into Young’s world. The unearthly synths whizzing around make for a hypnotic introduction, and when the punchy clicks of the beat drops in, the unlikely pair satisfyingly meld into a rich texture.” says Earmilk

Co-written by Tiffany, “Teach You” is filled with self awareness when dealing with toxic relationships. “It’s all about noticing the wrong signs in a relationship and letting the ladies know it’s okay to stand up for yourself. “If you mess with me you’ll get hurt,” that lyric embodies the song as a whole. It’s a fun song with a deeper meaning; don’t be pushed around, don’t be fooled, you should know better as a woman to teach a man that he needs to treat you right!” Tiffany states proudly. “There’s a lot of emotion in this song; anger, rage, being disappointed in someone else but also in yourself. It’s an “I should have known better” situation...a whirlwind of emotions,” she continues.

The video for “Teach You” is an ode to Tiffany’s Korean-American roots, showcasing the creativity and artistry she’s admired and soaked in over the years growing up in the Korean entertainment industry. “It really is my own little Korean Drama” says Tiffany. “It goes back to what I love about K-Pop and Korean films; intricate set design, aesthetically pleasing color schemes, plot twists and the fact that I was able to have my friends on board for the shoot made it even more special for me.” Tiffany was able to put her acting skills to use during the filming of this video, and even changed our outward appearance, by cutting her hair, to fully take on this role; “In a previous interview I mentioned that I wouldn't hesitate to cut my hair for the right role or the right song. It’s a commitment for a woman to change her hair; and it usually coincides with a change of heart or when something new is going on in their life.”


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