"MaisonP" Residence

"MaisonP" Residence 

Located in the village of Puy-Sainte-Réparade, MaisonP nestles in a cosy space boasting dense vegetation on a hillside parcel offering a panoramic view over the Alps. The simple volumes of the house were designed to marry with the orientation of the land. Changes to the natural slope of the hill are thus kept to a minimum and its wild character preserved.

The project is composed of two distinct parts: the main house and a dry-stone outbuilding.

The house, with a floor area of 296 sq m, is built on one and the same level but divided into several units. The ground floor comprises three separate same height volumes: the 74 sq m. garage, the entrance/kitchen area and the bedroom/living room area, the latter containing 4 bedrooms including the master bedroom. The outbuilding, with a floor area of 95 sq m, is slightly higher than the house, and lies on the north-west part of the land.

The project is divided into two, along a plant-lined canal, transparency enhancing its perspective along the full length of the house. The entry proceeds around a pond.

MaisonP is not a monolith but an architectural composition, structured around empty spaces, in reminiscence of the bioclimatic architecture of Provence.

Photo credit:
Philippe Biolatto 

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