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Tebby "Medicine" ft Jeremih 

As the DJs put her first song, "Feel Alright," and its dance remix by David Anthony into rotation,singer/songwriter, Tebby, is wasting no time releasing her follow-up, "Medicine," a duet ft Jeremih, from her forthcoming EP, Love Is The Remedy, executive produced by Grammy Award winning producers, Cool & Dre.

While some music lovers are just discovering her, Tebby already has a number of songs waiting in the wings. So many that pulling "Medicine," out of her treasure trove is like a vintage enthusiast discovering yet another hidden gem while antiquing. "Medicine started in my friend's studio in The Bahamas a little over a year ago. It was the first song I wrote for Love Is the Remedy," shares Tebby. "Medicine is about chemistry - the kind of chemistry that defies gravity, leaving you feeling like you're floating, like you can take on anything together," she explains.

Since chemistry happens when one or more things combine, she decided to see if she and Jeremih would have musical chemistry. "When we were figuring out who would be an amazing feature, I immediately thought of Jeremih. I love his voice and the way he writes. I wasn't sure if he'd say yes, but I'm so glad he did because he adds so much to the song."

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