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UGG Collective Launches For Spring/Summer 2019 

"The UGG Collective consists of Californian photographers, musicians, actors, artists, surfers and skaters. Like UGG, they are bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic and real," said Andrea O'Donnell, President, Fashion & Lifestyle Brands. "Each season, they select new groups of unique individuals to represent the brand and, in telling their stories, we tell ours."

McCaul Lombardi is best known for his breakout role in the acclaimed film American Honey. McCaul is a rising actor who starred in the Sundance hit, Patti Cake$, and is set to play the lead role in director Matthew Porterfield's Putty Hill opposite Jim Belushi.

Clementine Creevy is a musician who founded LA-based rock band, Cherry Glazerr, in her bedroom at age 15. Wildly complex and unapologetically loud, the band's songs offer a unique and sharply-humored point of view on the world.

Shawkat Sadeek Sanbar is a musician who navigates the local music scene of Southern California to find new ways to create music that invigorates people. When he's not making music, Shawkat is exploring L.A. with his model girlfriend Mikaela Ann.

Mikaela Ann Kreuzberger is an LA-based model who enjoys singing, painting and eating ramen with boyfriend Shawkat as well as dancing the night away in Hollywood with her friends.

Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe is an artist who works in various mediums including painting, printmaking, resin jewelry and tattooing. Fascinated by the juxtaposition of human culture to the natural world, she uses her work as a vehicle for social change.

Levi Prairie is a born-and-bred Southern Californian surfer who's always lived a couple miles away from the ocean. In his spare time, Levi shapes surfboards with his brothers, plays guitar for his band Distractor and travels the world.

The UGG brand continues to celebrate its unique culture in its Spring/Summer 2019 campaign through the UGG Collective in iconic California places. From majestic mountains and wild woodlands, to buzzing cities and quiet beach towns, California represents an eclectic paradise that brings together people from all across the world. For their new campaign, UGG and the cast traveled across the state, finding locations in Oceanside Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree—places that perfectly represent the culture of the brand and California alike.

The brand campaign was shot by photographer Frederic Auerbach and videographer Kauai Moliterno and produced by 3 Star Production under the creative direction of Jessica Wells. The cast was achieved by casting director Shay Nielsen, and came to life with the help of wardrobe stylists Kate Ruth and Jen Patryn, hair stylist Nikki Providence and makeup artist Katey Denno. The locations were given the right amount of flair and detail with the assistance of prop stylist Robert Sumrell. 

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