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Heron Preston's Apparel Collection 

Before his run as a multifaceted creative, Heron Preston was perfecting passing routes as wide receiver on the high school gridiron.

Preston acknowledges that football isn't a sport typically celebrated in collaborative projects. For him that's part of the fun. "It's a challenge to take on and tell these stories through the lenses of creative, youth and fashion culture," he explains.

 There is the requisite hoodie, rendered in a neoprene-like material with short sleeves (in fact, it is the exact Sideline Hoodie silhouette that will be worn by staff of the Patriots and Rams), and a black or white jersey that is meant to be layered with a longsleeve T-shirt. There’s also a pair of Nike Superbad 4.0 receivers gloves and a quarterback muff (also known as a hand warmer). A chrome-dipped football (to resemble the Lombardi Trophy) completes the collection. 

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