2019 X Games Gold Medalist x Ekster Smart Wallets - #WALLETSWITHTRICKS - .@EksterWallets

2019 X Games Gold Medalist x Ekster Smart Wallets

Nowadays with all the high tech gizmo's and gadgets, you want to make sure when you step outside into the world daily world that your well protected when it comes to privacy. 

At Ekster they take care of all of that for you, so you have no worries threw out your daily routines. From home to office, or going for a jog, hiking or even skiing.

Ekster partnered with some of the worlds best Olympic freestyle skiers, to test the wallet's durability and its sleek elegant design.



One click of the trigger and your 6 most frequently used cards are ejected for easy access. Everything you need right at your fingertips.


The solar-powered tracker card makes sure you can always keep track of your wallet's location on a map and ring it when lost.


RFID blocking technology protect your cards from wireless skimming and private data theft by electronic pickpockets.


Products are crafted from the highest grade leather available in Europe. Our tanneries serve only top-of-the-line luxury leather brands.

will be our next post look for the review
This really is the James Bond of wallets




In This Image Alex Ferreira has the PARLIAMENT + TRACKER
Classic Brown

Why did he choose for an Ekster wallet?

"I mainly switched from my traditional wallet to one of these because I love the button feature. It keeps things simple and easy and saves me time on a daily basis. My daily schedule is packed from dusk till dawn and I'm always on the run, which is where the tracker comes in handy." - Alex Ferreira

 How his everyday carry gear usually held up in the mountains?

“Not many people know this about technology, but it can malfunction or even break at high altitudes or low temperatures. This is something that has always impacted my ability to use stuff on the mountain, but up until now, the Ekster Wallet has fared a lot better than my other tech at high altitudes. Your phone will stop working before your wallet does!” - Alex Ferreira

2019 X Games Gold Medalist x Ekster Smart Wallets - #WALLETSWITHTRICKS - .@EksterWallets 2019 X Games Gold Medalist x Ekster Smart Wallets - #WALLETSWITHTRICKS - .@EksterWallets Reviewed by FADED4U on March 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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