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Best Believe

“Best Believe” explores the hard truths of what it means to be in a relationship, to be in love. 

It can involve confrontation and the ensuing pain of getting to the core of where the relationship stands or, quite frankly, doesn’t stand at all. Sometimes the relationship surprises you – the pain is temporary because the outcome is worthwhile. That’s the kind of sentiment Connor and I wanted to explore in my new single. 

And yeah, I know, we aren’t the first electronic dance act to explore relationship pains and other matters of the heart. But if I’m being honest? When Connor first sang the pre-chorus to “Best Believe,” I just sat there stunned thinking “goddamn, I don’t care how cliche this song could be perceived as. I believe every fucking word that’s coming out of his mouth.” So sure, we’re not the first to tackle this topic, but I couldn’t deny Connor’s absolute sincerity and emotion. I doubt you’ll be able to, either. 

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