"Sweater Collection" - .@itslolomusic

"Sweater Collection"

While cleaning out my closet one day, I realized I had a lot of sweaters that weren’t exactly mine. They all originally belonged to guys that I had dated, given to me as some sort of twisted keepsake. 

 I’m not sure who started this ritual, or why it’s such a thing, but it just is. A guy likes you, he lets you take home one of his sweaters. You can then choose to wear it, or hang it on your door as you see fit. Whether these connections lasted a long time or a short time, every sweater told a story about how it somehow didn’t work out in the end. 

Feeling inspired, I quickly scribbled, “Another to add to my sweater collection. The trophies I keep cuz I feel no connection.” Then I tried to figure out whether this idea would be too weird to put into a song…I decided it wasn’t.😈

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