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Everyone’s been in a relationship that has felt tedious at times.  Like they’re holding you back and bringing you down.  Ramzoid expands on this feeling with his new single “BALL & CHAIN”.  “Feels like treading water” is the perfect personification of this feeling and Ramzoid’s solution to this issue is to just “cut that sh*t off”. Accompanying the release is a cinematic music video that sees Ramzoid truck around the mountains as he recharges himself after freeing himself from his own ball and chain. This release and music video demonstrate how forward thinking Ramzoid truly is.

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RAMZOID RELEASES “BALL & CHAIN” - .@ramzoidmusic  RAMZOID RELEASES “BALL & CHAIN” - .@ramzoidmusic Reviewed by FADED4U on April 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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