Shy Glizzy Drops New Project "COVERED N BLOOD" - Out Today - .@ShyGlizzy

Shy Glizzy Drops New Project "COVERED N BLOOD" - Out Today

“Covered N’ Blood”, an album that was created around pain and integrity I feel like this album was inspired by just the reality of my life, the trap, money, gangstas, bad bitches, but it also explains, the consequences that come with that  And everything that people just going on nowadays that’s offline, and not just the Shade Room, Instagram, or Twitter, but people’s that’s living the regular lifestyle, they need this type of music to help them through certain situations, or hardships that’s going on in people’s life to show them that someone of my caliber, that’s at a higher level, or higher scale than them still goes through these things on an everyday basis. It’s just like bringing authenticity back into music, substance.  I just feel like it’s a very heartfelt album man. if you listen close, it’s kind of scary in a way, you can feel that pain. You can feel the sorrow that’s going on in my voice and can feel I had a heavy heart making these songs, and that they just wasn’t created based on me having an imagination. I really had to go through these things. I also just felt as though its very dark that’s why I came up with the title, “Covered N’ Blood”, because I felt as though that’s what’s going on right now, that’s my reality, that’s how I’m living, I’m living a bloody life.


●      Shy Glizzy follows the success of his 2018 mixtape “Fully Loaded” with his new project “Covered N’ Blood”

●      Recently released “Volcano” Music video the first single off of “Covered N’ Blood”

●      Currently on tour With Gunna & Lil Keed for The Drip Or Drown 2. All shows have been sold out

●      Shy Glizzy will support the release with press/radio runs while on tour to help support the new project

●      National Urban Radio campaign to begin with the release of project

●      Committed advertising budget to drive streams to individual DSP’s

●      Upcoming music videos scheduled for release are “Demons” & “Oh lord” ft. 3 Glizzy

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Shy Glizzy Drops New Project "COVERED N BLOOD" - Out Today - .@ShyGlizzy Shy Glizzy Drops New Project "COVERED N BLOOD" - Out Today - .@ShyGlizzy Reviewed by FADED4U on April 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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