Senses, a Nature-Embedded Pool-House

Senses, a Nature-Embedded Pool-House 

At Wael Farran Studio, Senses was nothing short of a challenge! Located in South of Lebanon, Senses is a pool house that was conceived and built as an extension to an existing residence. Therefore, the project is a beautiful exercise in fusion, where interior, exterior and landscape unite to create one holistic lifestyle canvas that speaks of design excellence. 

The aim was to create a hidden zone interrelated to the villa, yet isolated enough to respect the family’s privacy. Over a year and a half, the 3000m2 olive grove was transformed into the perfect spot to receive guests, party or relax. The pool house includes a big family room, a gymnasium, a bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a hairdressing area, outdoor showers, a service kitchen changing rooms, and sink zones. A pool house is not completed without a pool and Senses boasts not one, but two pools as well as a Jacuzzi. 

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Photo credit: Genia Maalouf

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