TM88 x 1800 Tequila New Music Platform - .@1800Tequila .@TM88

 TM88 x 1800 Tequila New Music Platform

 1800® Tequila and Grammy-nominated hip-hop producer TM88 have partnered to launch Keys to the City, a new music platform that seeks to identify what makes US cities sonically and culturally special. 

TM88 has collected inspiration from three cities – Miami, Houston and Philadelphia – to create three new beats, capturing the essence of each city and the culture that defines it through sound.  The three beats, evocative of each location, have been released with a call-to-action for rising artists to create their own custom tracks utilizing the beats as underlying groundwork.  Keys to the City continues the contribution and support that 1800 Tequila has given to hip-hop over the years by standing for creativity and standing with true innovators at the vanguard of culture. 

Through this platform the brand will demonstrate how music can connect and express a city’s identity with creativity and authenticity.  Up-and-coming talent have the opportunity to join the ranks of Future, 21 Savage, Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott, who are all part of TM88’s impressive discography.  Aspiring talent can put their twist on TM88’s unique beats by visiting
TM88 x 1800 Tequila New Music Platform - .@1800Tequila .@TM88  TM88 x 1800 Tequila New Music Platform - .@1800Tequila .@TM88 Reviewed by FADED4U on June 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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