Mob Bounce – "Sounds Of You" - .@MobBounce

Mob Bounce – "Sounds Of You"

Mob Bounce are The Northwest Kid (Gitxsan) and Travis Hebert aka Heebz the Earthchild (Cree/Metis). They grew up in Northern British Columbia, bonding over their love of hip hop. Mob Bounce was officially born with the release of their Mixed Blood Mixtape. 

Rooted in their cultures, ceremonies, and connections to place, Mob Bounce brings lyricism and power to hip-hop culture from a contemporary Indigenous perspective on their new track "Sounds Of You." 

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Mob Bounce – "Sounds Of You" - .@MobBounce Mob Bounce – "Sounds Of You" - .@MobBounce Reviewed by FADED4U on July 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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