Vic Mensa joins JUJ for re-worked "Mood" single - it's a vibe - .@imjustjuj .@VicMensa

Vic Mensa joins JUJ for re-worked "Mood" single - it's a vibe

We are stoked to share new music from LA-based artist on the rise, JUJ. She just dropped her debut EP - 'JUJ, It's U' - and is already making serious moves. The edgy singer-songwriter recently had a sold-out collaboration with street wear giant Champion, who she also teamed up with for the LA listening party of her project. 

Rising pop powerhouse JUJ releases her reworked single "Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa).

Since bursting onto the indie music scene with her debut EP: JUJ, Its U in May, JUJ has made it her quest to empower listeners and defy critics. "Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa)"is a song about her journey to the West Coast to follow her dream of music stardom. The track, which was originally released on April 2nd, also highlights the mental strain many people experience while pursuing their dreams.

After accumulating hundreds of thousands of plays across various streaming services, JUJ breathes new life into "Mood, with Roc Nation recording artist Vic Mensa, who Jay Z describes as a once in a lifetime artist. The track is amplified by Vic's passionate lyrics about leaving home young and surviving on the streets of Chicago. 

When asked about the updated track JUJ shared, "Mood (Feat. Vic Mensa)" is the story of my move at 17 years old across country to chase a dream. Allowing Vic to share his story about the hardships he's experienced adds a perspective that links our journeys.

She adds, "His [Vic's] verse reaffirmed that I'm not alone in chasing a dream bigger than me. "Mood is featured on JUJ's EP JUJ, It's U which dropped on May 14th. The EP was introduced to fans with two exclusive listening parties in New York and Los Angeles that included a collaboration with street wear giant Champion.

For Vic Mensa, the theme of the song was parallel to his life experiences. He shares, "I immediately connected with "Mood, when I heard it. When JUJ was speaking about moving to California and the fears or other people's fears and doubts associated with breaking out of a shell. That's something I can relate to". 

He explains, "Most people that I grew up with never leave Chicago. So that's the place I went to when I started writing my verse. Usually I write things in the studio but with this one I was just walking around the house thinking about what it was like when I left home significantly for the first time. People's expectations, and limitations, and the boundaries they wanted to put on me... those were the things that I set out to overcome. And those are the things that I was inspired to write about." 

With no signs of slowing down, JUJ just released a re-working of her single "Mood" which features an incredible verse from Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa.

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Vic Mensa joins JUJ for re-worked "Mood" single - it's a vibe - .@imjustjuj .@VicMensa Vic Mensa joins JUJ for re-worked "Mood" single - it's a vibe - .@imjustjuj .@VicMensa Reviewed by FADED4U on July 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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