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The Otherz Merch 

Check out some of these exclusive pieces from The Otherz, click the link and you can choose from a large variety of fashion, goods and everyday accessories from the brand NOW....



David and Steve @ Roc Nation / Tidal, NY.
Image by Evan Pierce

Founded and run by Stephen Penny and David Travis, The Otherz is a community of people who are not afraid to be different and truly be themselves - whether that's expressing themselves through their fashion, music, art, or any other passion.

Steve is from the UK but now based in Finland, and David is born and raised (and still residing) in New York.

The Otherz Podcast is recorded every week (or so), with each episode focussing on a Pharrell-related music video/project, as well discussions around the latest fashion, music, popular culture, and all the latest happenings in The Otherz community.


You can also find us online by using and searching for our hashtags; #TheOtherz and #OtherzPodcast

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