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NOVITEC for Aventador SVJ

A sophisticated racing-look refinement range for the current top-of-the-line model of the Aventador model series, the SVJ is available now.

The thrilling NOVITEC looks are characterized by the new carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, which were tailored to the active aero of the two-seater in the wind tunnel, and the hi-tech forged wheels with center lock developed in cooperation with American manufacturer Vossen. NOVITEC sport springs can further optimize the handling by lowering the center of gravity. They lower the ride height of the Aventador SVJ by about 35 millimeters.

In addition, NOVITEC offers various sport exhaust systems for the Aventador SVJ, which optimize not only the exhaust note and the performance, but also save up to 19 kilograms in weight.

Exclusive options for an even more individual cockpit design round off the NOVITEC range, which is available for the coupe and the roadster, of course.

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