Class Action Launched Against Toronto Plastic Surgeon "Dr. 6ix"

Class Action Launched Against Toronto Plastic Surgeon "Dr. 6ix"
The law firms of Howie, Sacks & HenryWaddell Phillips and Beyond Law have launched a class action against cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Martin Jugenburg (the self-styled "Dr.6ix").  Led by an all-female legal team, the action seeks compensation for past patients of Dr. Jugenburg and alleges that Dr. Jugenburg took photographs and videos of his patients without their consent, including during their private doctor-patient consultations while nude or semi-nude and during surgeries.  The claim alleges Dr. Jugenburg posted many of these photos and videos on an array of social media channels, including Instagram and Snapchat, without consent from his patients.
Two of Dr. Jugenburg's patients commenced this proposed class action after they learned that they had been videotaped during their consultations.  Neither consented to being videotaped.
The class action lawsuit claims Dr. Jugenburg has breached the privacy rights of his patients.  It asserts that he is liable to pay compensation to his patients for his breach of fiduciary duty, breach of confidence, breach of trust, intrusion upon seclusion and invasion of privacy, among other liabilities.  None of these allegations have been proven in court.
The proposed class members include anyone who was a patient of Dr. Jugenburg between January 1, 2012, and February 28, 2019.  If the action is successful, the class members may be eligible for compensation for the damages suffered due to the invasion of their privacy and breach of doctor-patient confidence. There is no cost to participate as a class member in this proposed class action. The lawyers are working on a contingency fee arrangement, and will only be paid from the proceeds of the litigation, if it is successful. 
Contact Information for class members
Potential class members can contact Class Counsel at 1-877-771-7006 or and can find more information on the Class Action here.
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