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Cases of coronavirus in Canada

The World Health Organization officially declared the novel coronavirus to be “a public health emergency of international concern,” on Thursday.

Even though the risk of an outbreak in Canada “remains low,” health authorities are still trying their best to control the novel coronavirus that has already taken the lives of over 100 people, and infected thousands around the world.

Human-to-human transmission has proven possible, but so far all the reported cases in Canada have involved people who have visited China, most notably the centre of the epidemic in Wuhan.

As people continue to be tested for the virus, here’s a list of the confirmed cases in Canada:

First case in Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Date reported: Jan. 25

The first case of the coronavirus in Canada involved a man in the 50s who arrived to Toronto on Jan. 22, after visiting Wuhan.

The man initially didn’t report his light symptoms at the airport following his flight, but health authorities were contacted on Jan. 23, after his symptoms worsened at home. He was taken to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he is now in stable condition.

Second case

Date reported: Jan. 27

The wife of the man who was the first reported case of the coronavirus in Canada, has also been officially diagnosed.

The Toronto woman travelled to Wuhan, China with her husband, and returned to Ontario on Jan. 22. Toronto Public Health is reaching out to those who sat in a two-metre radius of the couple on their China Southern Airlines flight CZ311.

Third case reported in British Columbia

Date reported: Jan. 28

British Columbia reported the first Canadian case of the novel coronavirus outside of Ontario.

The 40-year-old man often travels to China, which included Wuhan in his most recent visit. He contacted health-care providers on Jan, 26, to let them know that he was experiencing symptoms, 24 hours after coming home to the Vancouver region. He was reportedly not symptomatic on his flight.

The man, who’s case has been confirmed, is currently in isolation at home, while his family is also being monitored by Vancouver Coastal Health.

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