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G-Star RAW // Spring 2020 Menswear

G-Star RAW is the innovative denim brand. Established in 1989, G-Star has become a leader in the denim industry. Following a philosophy of ‘Just the Product’ since its inception, the brand remains dedicated to denim craftsmanship while encouraging its evolution.

G-Star first majorly influenced the industry in 1996, introducing wearable and desirable raw denim products to a market populated with heavily treated and stonewashed garments. Later that same year, Head designer Pierre Morisset disrupted the denim world with his invention of 3D Denim.

‘3D Denim’ is a method of jean construction, never before seen in the denim industry. Unlike traditional patternmaking, which approaches the garment as a flat object, 3D Denim sculpts around the body’s form. Using additional leg panels and darts, with baked and laundered finishing treatments, 3D Denim creates a fit and silhouette unique to G-Star. Now with iconic status, the G-Star Elwood marked the rst 3D Denim style, succeed by the Arc and Type-C.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G-Star, preferring to practice product engineering rather than design. Particularly in the case of women’s jeans, the brand extensively researched how to create the ultimate attering jean. Having identified the ideal shape, size, and position of back-pockets, discovered the secret of slimming side-seams, and perfected the critical waistband – G-Star has an enhancing jean for every woman.

Producing seasonal collections of men’s and women’s wear that includes outerwear, shirts, knits, footwear, and eyewear amongst others, G-Star spans beyond jeans alone into a complete wardrobe.

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