Juvahn Releases Single "That's What I Thought"

Juvahn Releases Single "That's What I Thought"

The release of her single, “That’s What I Thought” is an empowerment piece that Juvahn crafted after removing herself from a tough relationship. “This is a song about pain from expectations that weren’t met. I was young and naive fresh out of high school, and I fell in love. The story didn’t end how I wanted it to.” Who can relate?!

Backed by some of the biggest producers and songwriters, her force is coming in strong. After her performance at Coachella, fans and industry execs raved about the song-writer. Music Connection.com stated, “..she holds abundant confidence and ambition within her music.” That’s What I Thought holds the same energy. From Sydney Australia - I introduce you to Juvahn Victoria.

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