York University Student Centre is at the Forefront of Education Design

York University Student Centre is at the Forefront of Education Design

York University, Canada’s third-largest university, opened a second student center on campus, designed to respond to the changing needs of York’s large and diverse community. Knowing college students across North America face serious challenges related to loneliness, wellness, mental health, self-confidence and more - the building is designed to alleviate these challenges, openly attack stigma, and welcomes students of all faith, race and creed. There is arguably no other campus building so uniquely organized to ensure inclusion.

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“We believe we’ve created a building where every student can feel welcome, safe, motivated and connected to their peers,” explains Siva Vimalachandran, Executive Director of York University Student Center.

“This project excels at creating a campus destination where all students can feel welcome, safe, engaged and motivated to excel,” said Brad Lukanic, CEO of CannonDesign and a member of the York U Student Centre project team. “York University made an inclusive design part of this project’s mission from day one. The Second Student Centre stands as a paragon of how design can make measurable positive differences in both campus culture and students’ lives.”

The Student Centre is also deeply responsive to York student needs and feedback. The project is the result of a 2013 referendum in which 90% of students voted in favor of a second campus building devoted solely to student space. The referendum secured the highest voter turnout in the history of Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Project Name: York University Student Centre
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Size: 126,000 SF

Architecture Firm: CannonDesign
Completed: 2018

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  1.  www.cannondesign.com/our-work/work/yo...

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