A Ruth E. Carter and H&M "Ruthless" Celebration in Atlanta - @hm @iamRuthECarter

A Ruth E. Carter and H&M "Ruthless" Celebration in Atlanta

H&M and Oscar winning costume designer, Ruth E. Carter, celebrated their recent collaboration with a "Ruthless" neighborhood block party in downtown Atlanta, GA. Guests such as Chanel Iman, Elizabeth Olsen and K Camp showed their support of the new collection, which features quotes empowering fans to be "Ruthless" and bold in trusting their inner voices. The event brought together leading artists from the Atlanta community such as Gunner Stahl, Brandon Sadler, Neka King, Christian Nolan Jones, and Ashlee Hazee, who drew inspiration from Ruth's notable career, each creating unique installations honoring Ruth's legacy.   

The event welcomed everyone, bringing together Atlanta creatives alongside all residents of the greater region with a mission to inspire. Artists, including creative collective Ghetto Gastro, designed pieces which drew inspiration from Ruth's mission that sat alongside a special curation of Ruth's Heroes and Sheroes costume exhibition. The exhibit included costumes from iconic films such as Black Panther, Dolemite, Do the Right Thing, and Malcolm X. Known as a leading voice on Afro-future, African American, and African aesthetics, the costumes represent some of Ruth's most influential and impactful work that have shaped film, culture, and fashion. The curation of the costumes showcased Ruth's journey within her own medium of expression, costume design, and how she found her purpose – encouraging others to speak to their own personal narrative.

"I looked forward to this celebration and immersive creative experience. Guests were surrounded by wholesome and uplifting creative work that left them leaving feeling inspired. This experience is for everyone to tap into their imaginative self-expression and feel even more motivated to follow their passion and to 'Trust Your Voice' ", said Ruth.

The new collection which launched on February 13th, aims to inspire pride, connection, and personal expression as it spreads a message of individuality, self-confidence, drive and determination with '90's streetwear inspired silhouettes in the Liberation flag colors of red, black and green.

H&M is thrilled to have worked with Ruth to create a collection and accompanying activations that not only highlights and celebrates Ruth as an artist and her astounding professional career, but also the work of new and established creatives alike. H&M hopes that the collection and accompanying activations inspires all with Ruth's message of individuality, self-confidence, drive, and determination. It has created a platform that emphasizes pride and connection to your voice, the voice that drives you forward with your most authentic version of self-expression. 

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