August Ingram - Let Me Love You

August Ingram - Let Me Love You 

August Ingram released his first single incl. 
music video "Let Me Love You" distributed by 21 GRAMM / Caroline Int. 
Records / Universal Music Germany.

Let Me Love You was originally written in late January of 2019. The song is 
an ode to a lost lover, coming from the perspective of someone who keeps up 
the appearance that they have moved on when internally they wish to reveal 
feelings of unrequited love and loneliness. They hope their past lover will 
open an opportunity for them to reveal these feelings. Partly inspired by 
events going on in my life, the song was written during a period where I 
felt very disconnected and alienated getting through a dark Berlin winter. 
The lyrics and song subject aren’t meant to suggest anything further than 
they do at surface level. It’s a simple and catchy song about something 
everyone can relate to. The hook was originally freestyled then cleaned up 
a bit for the final mix.

August Ingram, a 21-year-old artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer 
from Berlin, Germany. He started producing music when he was 13 and has 
since been producing and mixing all of his own music. Since he was 5 years 
old he has taught hisself how to play drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. He 
likes to incorporate these instruments in the productions and beats that he 
makes instead of relying on loops and software synths. He usually blends 
elements of Alternative R&B, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient, Trap and Pop in his 

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