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Caleb Brown - "Moment"

Rostrum Records artist Caleb Brown's new single "Moment" out NOW!!!

Caleb Brown has been more than patient, and for the 21-year-old from Baton Rouge, that patience is about to pay off. Linking with DJ Khalil on the production side, Brown brings us his latest single, “Moment”, which plainly put, is a BIG record!

As he boasts "I feel like I finally got my moment”, over an encouraging chorus, Brown’s overwhelming sense of fulfillment is the standout feature on the track. It’s not only a message sent, but the overall driving force behind the song that makes us believe everything he is saying to be true.

A shining example of the Rostrum Records’ artist’s comfort and versatility is found on the breakdown, where he harmonizes, “sit down your caddy top and let me ride”, with shades of Parliament Funkadelic & Dr. Dre in-tow.

A stamp, a statement, an all-out proclamation; this one is exactly what it claims to be. With the stage set, his growth evident, and a future brighter than the sun, Caleb Brown’s “moment” is now!


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