Kodak Black "We Miss You: Vlog 1" Dir. @Wavyl0rd #FreeKodakBlack #WavylordVisuals

Kodak Black "We Miss You: Vlog 1" Dir. Wavylord

Kodak Black has been incarcerated since May of 2019. A lot of information has been in the media regarding the unfair treatments towards him in federal prison. To keep his spirits up, I decided to drop this unseen, unreleased footage of him recording his "Could of Been Different" track off his "Dying to Live" album. The vlog then continues into the "Long Walk to Freedom" concert in the Bahamas for Buju Banton, after his own incarceration. He personally reached out to Kodak, and invited him to perform.

 #FreeKodakBlack #WavylordVisuals


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