Last week at ENVSNXPUMA - @envsnfest #ENVSN

Last week at ENVSNXPUMA

Last week, Thursday, January 30th 2020, PUMA and ENVSN teamed up for the Hustle and High Hopes event at the Puma flagship store in New York. The event brought out over 200 excited men and women thrilled to hear inspiring messages from the ENVSN team. Speakers include HOT97 radio personality and ENVSN music curator, Laura Stylez, Liberty Fairs and ENVSN CEO, Sharifa Murdock and ENVSN's Head of Content, Yasemin Tuzun. Moe Digga, ENVSN's 2019 host and Moe-tivation Mondays personality moderated the panel. The night was filled with inspiring conversations, trivia questions, giveaways and good times.

In promotion of the Puma Rise sneakers, the theme of the event was Hustle and High Hopes which centered the conversation around goals and how to hustle for your dreams. Questions on how was ENVSN founded and what it takes to grow such an empowering organization were posed to founder Sharifa Murdock and Laura Styles.  Sharifa Murdock moved the crowd with encouraging words to “always remember to push on whenever times get rough, never have intentions of failing”

Overall the event and had the crowd completely inspired and ready to take on the world as they left with gems of knowledge and excited to learn more, do more and keep hustling.

For more information on ENVSN and envsnfestival go to www.envsnfestival.com.

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