Lex Leosis: "Gemini" - @lexleosis

Lex Leosis: "Gemini"

The song stemmed from a conversation I had with a woman, who stated that, she "didn't date bisexual woman because they always go back to men"....I had an ex partner who is a Gemini, that had similar feelings, so when she said that, I just held on to this frustration, both past and present, until I got home, and then wrote both verses in like 45 minutes. The analogy of the two sides of a Gemini, and bisexuality just came naturally with the story. This song inspired me to live in my truth. To come out to my family, to the world. For so long I felt like I had to choose. I hope that this song makes someone feel heard, and understood.
– Lex Leosis 


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